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CHEM 142/152/162

BIOL 180/200/220

Here are a few examples conversations so you know what to expect


Q: Can I schedule a tutor for a later date / time?

Absolutely. Just text us what date, time, and location you want.

Q: How does payment work?

We're using Square Cash to process our payments. At the end of the tutoring session, we will message you a link to$acedtutoring with the total amount. We'll also call you to make sure it's a seamless process and to get feedback on your tutor. Square powers millions of businesses around the world and is the leader in small business transactions.

Q: Can I get a tutor for a group of students?

Yup. During the duration of the tutor session, the tutor can tutor as many students as you'd like.

Q: How soon can I expect a tutor to arrive?

If you want a tutor immediately, we can get you a tutor within 5 - 20 minutes after dispatching a tutor. You must be on campus.

Q: Where can tutors meet me?

All tutoring sessions must take place on UW Seattle campus. This is to assure higher security and ease of access for all parties.

Q: How long can I work with the tutor for?

As long as you need them or as long as they have time to spare.

Q: Can I get a tutor at 2am?

Maybe. It depends if tutors are awake and willing to tutor. Technically, ACED is available 24/7. It's completely dependent on tutor availibility.

Q: Do you plan on expanding to other classes?

Yes. In the coming quarters, we're trying to figure out the demand for different classes. If you want us to support a class we're not currently supporting, email us at

Q: Does the tutor speak other languages?

Some tutors are bilingual and can teach in specific languages. Make sure to explicitly request this in your text.

Q: Where is ACED available?

ACED is currently only available at the University of Washington Seattle campus. If demand rises, we'll be expanding to other colleges in the PNW.

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